• 2000/2010 Always converging creativity and technology

    Thöndo’s opening year was marked by two auspicious clients: Innotrac a fulfillment company publicly traded, and the Coca-Cola online merchandise store account. In 2000, the Internet was just beginning to make serious inroads in the market. Our opportunity with these great companies gave us the chance to jump into some new technology. We designed a Flash website for Innotrac, and conceived and created the interface/front-end web design for Coke.

  • 2001 - Dionysos Magazine. Multiple People, multiple countries

    Thöndo is not a company to shy away from a challenge, and this project aimed to promote Ancient Sites of Performing Arts in the Mediterranean area was no exception. Financed by the European Union, the project placed Thöndo in the role of organizing an online magazine where multiple contributors could write about different events from different regions. One of the most challenging moments was when we were asked to find a way to broadcast a performance live on the Internet from the Doric Temple of Segesta, Sicily. Being isolated in our location with no existing Internet connections within a 20-mile radius, we had to think on our feet. We rented a mobile satellite station and successfully completed a live internet broadcast, which happened to be very advanced vision for the times and technology available.

  • 2002 - Italian Trade Commission Chicago contract begins - Five major dynamic websites

    The Italian Trade Commission (ITC) is the Italian government agency with the mandate to promote Italian products worldwide. With great insight in 2002 the Chicago office of the ITC decided to devote a large amount of their budget to online marketing of five large dynamic industries. Thöndo was chosen for the job. Our success on the project has awarded us continued responsibility for current versions of these websites today. A truly progressive and unique aspect of our work on the project took place on the Private Label site. Thöndo built this website with the ability to give administrators the power of picking what information they wanted to share independently in the United States or in Europe. This technique enables the offices of the ITC to target the needs of a specific market, anywhere in the world, based on their goals and the audience they want to reach.

  • 2003 - 1950/2000 Theater of Italian Creativity

    The New York office of ITC chose Thöndo to design a website to support the exhibit designed by the famous Italian architect Gae Aulenti (Museum d’Orsay in Paris, Asian Museum in San Francisco). The exhibit was part of a celebration of the last 50 years of Italian creativity and leading industry designers. The ITC website displayed information about hundreds of examples of Italian industrial designs, based from the actual exhibit that embraced over 1000 exquisite objects, crafted by the most striking Italian designers.

  • 2004 - PURE Project. A collaboration between DKNY and the ITC

    2004 was the year ITC organized the PURE project, with the purpose to connect Italian textile producers with American designers and retailers. Fashion students at Parsons School of Design were supplied with samples of Italian textiles to be used in their new designs. The winners were featured in a display and their designs were sold at the Donna Karan, New York store. We designed the stunning brochure, which featured the winning pieces and promoted the initiative, thus aiding in bridging the gap between the two countries and their star talent.

  • 2005 - Life in I-Style

    The highlight of 2005 was the opportunity to design a series of advertisements to promote Italian luxury items in the exclusive Bergdorf Goodman Magazine. The magazine, published by Bergdorf Goodman, the high-end, luxury goods store in midtown Manhattan. We were able to showcase our art direction and photography expertise by creatively utilizing Italian luxury shoes, eyeglasses, handbags, and jewelry. The ads were part of a full national promotion called Life in I-Style.

  • 2006 - MODA. Pitching the World of High Fashion

    MODA was an electronic newsletter about the Italian fashion market in the US. It was a monthly market analysis delivered through PDF and electronic format to the desk of major players in the high fashion market. Though we started the design years earlier, 2006 marked the beginning of the editorial board. This feature enabled articles from several journalists around the States to be chosen and coordinated to provide a fresh and engaging issue every month, which ran for a total of two years.

  • 2007 - CNN.com Election Center 2008

    Getting the world ready for one of the most talked about elections highlighted our year in 2007. With our art direction, design, and a well-crafted style guide, we were able to contribute to the success of one of the world’s most visited websites in the US for that year. With over 1.7 Billion monthly page views, we had a crowning glory moment for outstanding usability!

  • 2008 - Authentic Italian Food National Ad Campaign

    The standout project for 2008 goes to our print campaign for Authentic Italian Food. The ITC campaign appeared in trade publications for US buyers. The entire campaign included multiple full-page ads, each dedicated to a particular food segment. We provided the art direction, photography, copywriting, and the design of the green seal that identifies an authentic Italian product. This campaign was so successful in the United States our ads were also translated for the Russian and Chinese markets!

  • 2009 - Italian Farm Machinery Convention

    Every two years, the ITC brings together Italian farm machinery manufacturers, American operators, wholesalers, and retailers together to seek new business opportunities and expand the market share of Italian products. Thöndo began the project by designing the convention logo and the look for the promotional material. We then helped select and brand a variety of items to be distributed as giveaways. Online, we designed and programmed the entire management process of the convention: Registration process, adhesions, hotel and travel arrangements of the Italian and American operators. This is the 11th edition that we designed out of the 14, establishing Thöndo as an essential partner for this important event.

  • 2010 - Made in Italy Logo and national promotional campaign rollout

    In the summer of 2009, we were awarded a contract with the ITC for re-branding Italian giftware in the USA. An integral piece of this project involved redefining and recreating the Made in Italy image. Thöndo will also be directly responsible for launching a traveling campaign showcasing an array of companies that best represent traditional and contemporary giftware production in Italy. This campaign targeted in-store promotions, and will canvas various large cities all across the USA throughout the year. Thöndo is spearheading all of the art direction, copywriting, production of marketing materials and all in store stage sets for this national roll out advertising campaign.