14th Italian Farm Machinery Convention

The Client

Italian Trade Commission (ITC), Atlanta office, responsible for the promotion of Italian farm machinery in the United States.

The Assignment

Create a logo and website promoting the 14th Italian Farm Machinery Convention. This bi-annual ITC initiative brings Italian farm machinery manufacturers, American operators, wholesalers, and retailers together to seek new business opportunities and expand the market share of Italian products. The site must take American and Italian participants through the registration and accommodation process, the three-day event, seminars, meetings, and one-on-one encounters. For 2009, Laguna Niguel in California was chosen as location for the Convention.


We first designed the convention logo and the look for the promotional material; and then selected and branded a variety of items to be distributed as giveaways. Online, we designed and programmed the entire management process of the Convention: registration process, adhesions, hotel and travel arrangements of the Italian and American operators. This system is a permanent section of the Italian Farm Machinery website, and it is updated for every new edition of the Convention.

The Results

This is the 11th edition that we designed out of the 14, establishing Thöndo as an essential partner for this important event.

Visit: www.italianfarmmachinery.com

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