The Client

The Italian Trade Commission (ITC), Atlanta office, responsible for the promotion of Italian giftware in the USA.

The Assignment

Redesign a website to champion Italian giftware with a strong directory of Italian companies and their products, while creating a dynamic consumer resource for locating dealers in the US. Develop outstanding usability for the consumer, while globally supporting various initiatives for the public at large from vendor to consumer, as well as specialized promotion of Italian products.

Marketing Strategy

Promote Italian giftware while engaging consumers to discover information effortlessly on products and vendors through an extremely accessible website, which efficiently promotes Italian giftware in the US and creates end user inspiration.


Refocused the earlier design of the site from an old world craftsmanship message to a youthful, lively, stylish, and refined brand image. The redesign extended over the entire website from design all the way through to the programming. We optimized information and utilized new photography to appeal to the current clientele and goals of the website.

The Results

Since its official launch in February 2010, Thöndo was able to create deeper results and make the encounter more personal through a social media feature. Customers have been able to provide useful feedback and commentary about their experience on a blog offered on the site. The results generated over time will provide greater insight for all the companies and customers involved.

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