iPalatina - iPhone App

The Client

InformAmuse, an integrated software company dedicated to developing mobile and kiosk based platforms to enhance the tour experience of cultural heritage sites and museums.

The Assignment

In an effort to celebrate the multi-cultured heritage of Mediterranean architecture and artistry, Thöndo was asked to partner with InformAmuse in developing 100 tour apps. We began our series with the Palatin Chapel of the Royal Palace in Palermo.

Marketing Scoop

Cappella Palatina has over 600,000 visitors a year. Our first goal was to make this app as accessible to everyone as possible. Therefore, we designed the app and coordinated the design of its translation into over eight different languages.


Combining the expertise of both InformAmuse and Thöndo the interface was developed over a few months time. Having worked on a 450-page catalog for an exhibition on the Norman Age in Sicily, Thöndo was adept at structuring the app based on the many artistic and historical facets of the Palatin Chapel.

The Results

Starting from January 1st 2011, touring guests of the Palatin Chapel now walk away knowing more than ever before about this incredible piece of Sicilian heritage. With it’s mix of Muslim, and Christian symbols the Chapel stands as a reminder of what beauty can evolve when we put aside our differences and create instead of destroy.

The interactive guide of the Palatine Chapel is available for iPhone and iPod touch on the Apple Store at $0.99

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