Made in Italy

The Client

The Italian Trade Commission (ITC), Atlanta office, responsible for the promotion of Italian giftware in the USA.

The Assignment

Design the trademark for “Made in Italy” and create the 2010 national advertising campaign.

Marketing Strategy

Expand America’s idea of Italian Giftware, from simply traditional artifacts to the new revolution in design taking place with emerging companies in Italy. Coordinate brand savvy images and product materials throughout the campaign to entice viewers to visit a showcase of the latest innovations in Italian Giftware.

Branding Breakdown

Thöndo began with a simple tilted box and created an “open it” invitation to discover the various products of Italy. We followed this with a geometric subdivision to suggest rational, high-tech engineering, and used color to excite the viewer with variety and fun. The colors in the middle of the box connect the viewer to Italy, while the “flying squares” emerging from the box with a pixilated look suggest dynamism, happiness, and high tech knowledge. The balance of color, geometry, and movement express the ongoing creativity, technology and artistry inherent in “Made in Italy” giftware.

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